Ryan is a writer, comedian, student, and actor depending on how far you stretch the definition of “actor”. Ryan is from Manhasset, New York: A town far enough from the city to have breathable air and close enough to the city for him to think he is better than everyone else. By city he means New York City, duh. You stupid idiot. He currently resides in Chicago. He lives next to a CVS and this has dramatically bolstered his midnight snacking game.

By day, Ryan studies political science at The University of Chicago and analyzes terrorist propaganda with a security think tank. His parents are much prouder of this job than the other. The terrorist propaganda has really ruined his enjoyment of horror movies, but has revolutionized his dark humor game. He enjoys reading articles and Facebook posts he disagrees with online, then vehemently brainstorming rebuttals that he will never post because his mother taught him, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Outside of this wonderful blog, Ryan writes plays, short films, satirical articles, and a web series for various school clubs. He’s also written for some live late-night style shows here and there. To his eternal chagrin, he keeps accidentally learning about producing and directing to enable his writing. He has nightmares of accidentally becoming a sound designer. No, seriously. He has so many nightmares. Please help him.

For fun, Ryan sings karaoke by himself and that’s okay. He watches a truly embarrassing amount of professional wrestling, and shamefully spent money on a pay-per-view last month. He also likes to writes bios about selling organs on Tinder. It has not worked.

Ryan could use a summer job. Just sayin’.


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