Image result for dog

1. A Dog


Image result for cat

2. A Cat


Image result for boa constrictor

3. Whoops! It looks like I accidentally put a boa constrictor here.  I was not supposed to put boa constrictor pictures anywhere in this list, so this is a major slip-up for me.  I am deeply ashamed of myself, and apologize to my readers.


Image result for kangaroo     4. A Kangaroo


Image result for giraffe5. A Giraffe


Image result for crocodile         6. A Crocodile


Image result for moose    7. A Moose


Image result for boa constrictor

8. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. All I had to do was not post boa constrictors but I went ahead and fucked that up. Just like I fuck up anything good I have going for me. I am so sick and tired of boa constrictors on my fucking lists. This is why Sheila left me. Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everything. Dumb snake. FUCK!


Image result for tiger        9. A Tiger


Image result for chinchilla                                                 11. A Chinchilla


Image result for boa constrictor              11. I should just kill myself. I should just blow my fucking brains out.  All I’m good for is making worthless lists filled with boa constrictors.  Boa constrictors may physically crush their prey with their enormous coil strength, but the biology textbooks never mentioned how they crush your heart.









Image result for dog     12. Another Dog (surprise!)


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