Hey Folks,

I’m here to guide you on your journey through Valentines Day.  I know all you singles are wondering, “what do I do today without a lover?”  Well, you sorry sadsacks, I can tell you what to do.  After braving many Valentines Days past, I’ve accumulated a comprehensive list of things to do by yourself on Valentines Day.  Feel free to try them out yourself.

  1. Drink hard liquor
  2. Watch TV while drinking hard liquor
  3. Treat yourself to a nice dinner, followed by hard liquor
  4. Have a special singles party with your friends, where you all drink hard liquor
  5. Go out to a trendy bar, where you can meet felow singles and drink hard liquor
  6. Drnk hard liquor
  7. Catch upp on Homewrok
  8. Follow oyour passins man!!!!! Do what you oiwant, wirte a dope article. be who you want tto mbe!!!!!!!!!  Whio;le drinking hard liquor
  9. Fuck tyhat fucking bthic Beccy  sje thinks she can cheatt on me and just oact like nothing happpend>!>!>!!  Fuck you beccy
  10. Godd am n I fuckcing !!!! Hate Valnetnis Day.  Fuck this shit as s hplidy


To akll you Couples who read my aswesome BLOG!  TO all you uguys, I have a  verrrrrrtyyyy special listt tfor you ttoo do.  I fucking knowu what you pieces of shit shoudld fucking dod for valentines daoy you fuckign ingrate shitlodrkd.

  1. Buy a gun and kill yourself
  2. Buy a knaucfe and kill yourself
  3. Buy spoem pills and killsoyoursf
  4. Fucjk youu!!!!
  5. Fuck both ouf you!!!!
  6. Fuck you Beccy!!!!1 You afre a fucking the worst fuck persoonn evar
  7.  drin k luqor


Tnaky you to all og my readors.  I love you

I love you,

ryna fleishman



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